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FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA -- Mount Vernon area Del. Paul Krizek (D-44th) has introduced a bill to require all occupants of a motor vehicle to utilize safety restraints. Current law requires safety belt use only by occupants under the age of 18, drivers, and front-seat passengers, his office said in a news release Tuesday.

The General Assembly will convene Jan. 11 in Richmond for a short session.

The U.S. Senate GOP released their own Health Care bill last week, called the (ACHA). While at the time of this writing, the Congressional Budget Office has yet to score the bill, our state agencies have already analyzed it and assessed its impact on the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Mount Vernon — It’s on to another chapter in the lives of West Potomac High School graduates, 

as they crossed the stage at George Mason University on June 21, with smiles and waves as family and friends looked on.

Mount Vernon, VA — Delegate Paul Krizek (D- Mount Vernon, Lee) endorsed Steve Jansen, Sara Townsend and Kathy Tran, in their primary campaigns to be the Democratic nominees for the Virginia House of Delegates today.

“I strongly believe these candidates give the Democratic Party the best opportunity for victory in the November General Election,” said Krizek. “Jansen, Townsend and Tran are laser-focused on policies that will bring high-quality jobs to their areas and grow Virginia’s economy.”

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- A local teenager is fighting to change the seat belts laws in Virginia. 

According to statistics, seat belts save more than 15,000 lives a year. However in Virginia, wearing a seat belt is not mandatory if you are 18 and older and sitting in the backseat. Jonathon Tucker is now fighting to change this. 

When he was studying for his driving test, he realized his friends who were 18 and older and would be riding in his backseat, wouldn't have to wear seat belts and that concerned him.

Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce and Inova Mount Vernon Hospital partnered to co-sponsor Community Day and the hospital’s 40th anniversary celebration on Saturday, Sept. 24.

This is the fourth year the chamber sponsored a Community Day to recognize and celebrate local businesses, non-profits and Mount Vernon and Lee residents. Since Mount Vernon Hospital was planning to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the chamber decided to join celebrating Community Day simultaneously with Mount Vernon hospital.

The Internet is a tremendous catalyst for economic growth and provides for easy access to information. It is already an essential tool that we would find impossible to live without. As we become more dependent upon this interconnectivity, we are increasingly more vulnerable. Virginia’s leaders on both sides of the aisle recognize the critical importance of a strong cybersecurity policy.

Del. Paul Krizek (D-44) recently visited the Department of Motor Vehicles’ Lorton Customer Service Center to learn more about the agency’s operations and spend time with constituents. Joined by DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb, Krizek greeted employees at the office located in the Gunston Plaza Shopping Center.

This week, I want to take a break from writing about policy and make a short important announcement regarding a dire need in the Mount Vernon-Lee area. United Community Ministries (UCM), which operates a food pantry for residents in need, is having trouble filling its shelves due to overwhelming demand. The good news is that there are many ways we can help to meet this demand.

Sunday, May 1 is May Day, where we recognize the accomplishments of organized labor. On this day the precursor to the AFL-CIO proclaimed, “Eight hours shall constitute a legal day’s labor from and after May 1, 1886.”

While an eight-hour workday is typical for many people today, before the 1880s, it was common to work 10 to 16 hours a day in unsafe conditions. In retaliation, the Pinkerton Agency and business owners erupted in violent protest, slaughtering many workers in Chicago in what we know as the Haymarket Affair.